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Review Chelsea hat and scarf combo

Review: Chelsea hat and scarf

By Ray Pottenger – Chelsea Ambassador


It’s autumn when the air is crisp, the leaves are turning, and a young man’s thoughts turn to the pitch.  Sure it’s always warm in the pub, but what will you wear on your way there to keep the old head and neck toasty?  More importantly what can he hold proudly above his head after every Sturridge goal, Cech save, and Mata assist? MMsports was kind enough provide a suitable answer to these questions by sending this year’s  Chelsea scarf and skull cap.


Chelsea beanie hat scarf combo



The skull cap by adidas is slick little number.  The cap is blue with three white stripes banding the lower portion of the cap.  A gold band rings about the bottom.  The Chelsea emblem patch is sown into the front.  The hat fits snuggly and covers the ears. The cap is made from a 70% Acrylic/30%wool blend, which allows it to stretch to accommodate even the largest of domes. The fabric also allows the head to breathe a bit while not letting in too many of cool breezes. 

                      The scarf is 100% acrylic and does a great job of trapping in the heat.  On both sides of the scarf, Chelsea FC proudly emblazoned in white letters against a field of royal blue.  Each end of the scarf has the Chelsea crest woven into it. A white border encapsulates the entire scarf with white  strings hanging from the ends.  The scarf adds a little panache to your winter nights when worn with around the neck with a standard knot.


Chelsea scarf on a dapper gentleman


What a dapper looking Gentleman.



If you’re determined to go out in the cold, you may as well support your side when you bundle up.  These are two very quality products that will keep you both toasty and brimming with pride for the Blues. 


Chelsea girl with hat and scarf

 Because everything always looks better on to my girlfriend.