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Review: FC Barcelona pre-match top


2011-2012 FCB Training Jersey


By FC Barcelona ambassador Gerard Banez


 This is the jersey that you see Messi and the rest of the FCB gang wear prior to game time. As much I like to identify with those guys, I fall short of putting this shirt on during the pregame and switching to the game shirt once play begins. That said, I really like this jersey and find it a versatile piece of soccer fashion. It’s a good piece of casual wear for activities like running errands or cheering on your kids as they play. The shirt allows me to support FCB in a way more subtle than donning the game jersey. It looks like it may also be a great workout shirt, but it feels too nice for me to use in that way.


FC Barcelona pre-match top black


The Look

Like all the FCB merchandise I have reviewed or purchased, this jersey is relatively simple in design but stylish. My favorite features are the red & yellow ribbed neck/sleeve cuffs and stripe across the center of the shirt. They contrast well with the black body of the jersey. Also of note is the screened FCB on the back of the jersey. Just in case people don’t recognize the badge on the front, the FCB provides another clue as to who I root for.


FC Barcelona pre-match top backside FCB



The Cut

This shirt fits just like the authentic & replica game jersey. I prefer a slightly looser fit, and the size ‘L’ training jersey fits just like the ‘L’ game jerseys.


The Feel

Like the other FCB jerseys, this shirt is made of Nike Dri-Fit fabric. The fabric appears to be thinner and of a lesser weight than the game jersey fabric, but it has substance and seems durable. The fabric will do well in warmer temperatures and is very comfortable.


Bottom Line

Another excellent piece of FCB merchandise and a good alternative to game jersey. I can see this one quickly becoming one of my favorites because it looks so nice and is appropriate to wear in many different situations.