We ship world-wide. And in this context world-wide means across the global. There are very few places which we are out of reach.
However, the ease of shipping to different destinations varies highly. In certain territories the postal service is expensive and inefficient while in many other locations everything runs pretty smoothly.
Another issue which varies a great deal is customs. How long time it takes to get a parcel through customs can affect delivery time greatly and the final price to pay will also depend on tax and duty levied.
Click here to see the import duty rate in your country!
For countries in Europe whether in the EU or not the service is usually reasonable fast.
Other destinations with a good record are Japan, Korea, HK, Singapore, China, Thailand, New Zeeland, North America, Israel, and many of the countries in the Gulf.
Trouble areas tend to be South and Central America and certain parts of Asia.
We have little experience with shipments to Africa.
However, we do provide non-eu shopping, check it out!

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