By Julian Smith, NYC
AS Roma 2014-15 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review
AS Roma 14/15 home jersey model
It’s been a rollercoaster season for Roma so far… Riding high from an undefeated set of competitive fixtures through the beginning of October, the Giallorossi were derailed by a 3-2 defeat to Juventus from a last minute Leonardo Bonucci wonder strike (yes, you read that correctly) and a 7-1 hammering from Bayern Munich to finish the month. After a few seasons of relative mediocrity, it’s good to see a traditional powerhouse back in the top three of one of best leagues in Europe (take note, Milan).
A new look squad has been complemented by a new look kit, and the home shirt this year is just as noteworthy as their summer signings. Nike took over after a longstanding deal with Kappa to produce a shirt design and style that has seen widespread praise.
The Shirt
AS Roma printing model
Roma’s 2014-15 home shirt sticks with their trend of moving towards a darker shade of burgundy that blankets the jersey. The material is the standard Nike polyester blend, which is soft to the touch and comfortable lying on the body. The shirt is of average weight, maybe slightly heavier than normal, but not very noticeably so. It fits just right on a slender body, like mine; not too baggy, not too tight.
As with most collared shirts, if you tend to have a smaller chest, like mine, the material will tend to bunch up in a V shape because of how it naturally falls. This is really only noticeable when you’re standing upright and not moving. See the title picture for an example of what I’m referring to.
AS Roma home jersey Lega Calcio
Both arm holes are cuffed with the golden yellow of the Roma crest, which, along with the similarly colored Nike logo, creates a fashionable look.
The main body of the shirt has faint crease lines running vertically in the front and back, which add a bit of depth, but they a generally inconspicuous when seen from afar. It’s hard to imagine how different it would look or feel without these lines, but a bit of texture doesn’t hurt.
My favorite (hidden) detail of the shirt is the yellow accent under the collar. If you go for a Pogba-esque look on the pitch, this will really stand out.
The official Serie A badge is still the same gum/felt hybrid material.
AS Roma printing 2014/15 details
I’m always a harsh critic when it comes to printing, and I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Roma’s choice this year. The color scheme of white with the yellow border works, but the numbers are too wide in my opinion and not proportional to the lettering.
Just a quick note to mention, the print is made of a plastic like material that is par for the course with most leagues around the world, manufactured by Stilscreen. It seems sturdy and it’s not too glossy, which I like!
Conclusion and rating the final verdict
Another favorite of my collection, not so much from a material standpoint, but it is definitely in the top 5 for style. The color scheme, the minimalist style, and the sparse, but classy details combine to make the Giallorossi the best home dressed team in Europe this season.
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