Review: Real Madrid Training Top


By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


The Real Madrid Training Jersey seems to be the best for last, again with its classic fit and sleek design. With its navy color and white light blue trimming works well and gives the jersey that classic feel. The training jersey has the Adidas climacool like the Jerseys. Loose fitting breathable material, players wearing the jersey will be comfortable during hard practices and yet stay cool due to the breathability of the fabric.  The team crest is centered just below the Adidas logo.  The reinforced stitching will withstand the stress of practices, while not being bulking and annoying.

Real Madrid training top clima cool


The back of the training top shows a printing of Real Madrid, with light blue trimming on the shoulders with a white design.  The design is made to let your body breath as well as keep you looking stylish.

Real Madrid training top back


Lower side of the training top shows off printing for Climacool

Real Madrid training top clima cool



The top shows off the classic Adidas look on the shoulders the goes with the sleek look.

Real Madrid training top 3-stripes


The Real Madrid training top is perfect for any Real Madrid fan because of its style and comfortable.  The top is simplistic and yet classy way to promote your team while you train, work, hangout, or watch a Real Madrid game.  Fans would buy this because it is cost effective and not as in your face as some of the jerseys teams put out these days.







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