Why do Real Madrid fans use the term Los Vikingos ?

and why are Atletico Madrid often referred to as Los Indios (The Indians) ?

Well, this article pretty much explains it all:

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The short story goes like this: During the 1970s Real Madrid attracted players from the north who were blond and thus vikings. Atletico Madrid attracted players from South America and in particular Argentina which were darker thus indians.

Real Madrid los Vikingos en el Bernabeu


Viking pride or proud to be a viking.

Real Madrid pride to be a viking


But Real Madrid are also Los Blancos and Los Merengues due to the white color of the home kit.

Real Madrid home jersey Los Blancos


Real Madrid is not the only sports team buying into the vikings rethorics. Also Minnesota VIKINGS from the NFL is fond of the viking association. Minnesota is the Viking state in the US because a lot of Scandinavians settled there. So it is a bit of the same.

Minnesota Vikings new stadium

And the logo of the THE Vikings – though it is said that in reality the helmets of the vikings did not have horns.

Minnesota Vikings logo

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