Sporting ID: Real Madrid away printing 13/14

The Real Madrid away jersey for the season 2013/14 is blue. The contrasting colors of the jersey are white and a bit or orange.

These 2 contrasts constitute the background for the name and number kit for the away jersey 2013/14.

Real Madrid away jersey 2013/14 - name kit

and let’s take a closer look.

Real Madrid away jersey ISCO 23 printing


The most interesting feature of the official Real Madrid letters and numbers is the club logo engraved at the bottom of the numbers. This logo is orange.

Real Madrid club logo numbers


The material is plastic. It is a thin but strong material and it has a good feel to it. Almost a bit like rubber but rather fine and delicate though durable.

The font used is not a standard fare but rather a font which has been cooked up by a Sporting ID designer. Whether it will continue for the season 2013/14 is rather questionable.

The color scheme of the RM jerseys 14/15 is: white/black – pink/black – black/white.

Which means that orange is out and since orange has been used for the club logos with both the home and the away numbers it is not likely that there will be a carry over here.



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