It is Answer Time!



1. Nike is the biggest producer of sporting goods in the world when measured on global sales. But which sporting goods producer is the biggest when it comes to global sales of soccer related sporting goods ?

a.) adidas

b.) Nike

c.) Puma

Correct answer A. adidas.

The global market for football products is around 5.5 billion USD$ adidas and Nike sells roughly around 2 billion each though with adidas selling slightly more than Nike.



2. How many soccer jerseys are sold in the 5 major European markets on an annual basis ?

a. 1.3 millions

b. 13 m

c. 23 m

Correct answer: B. 13 million.

According to the German consultancy Sport Markt the total sales in the 5 major European markets is around 13 million a year.


3. According to Deloitte’s Money League 2012 Real Madrid has the biggest annual turnover of any club in the world. The total revenues are broken down into 3 revenue streams: broadcast, match day, and commercial. Which club has the highest commercial revenues which include sponsorships, merchandise sales etc.

a. FC Barcelona

b. FC Bayern 

c. Real Madrid

Correct answer b. FC Bayern.

Germany is the biggest market in Europe and therefore sponsoring a German club brings the message out to a larger number of consumers than in other European countries. Furthermore there are a number of very large German corporations willing to put massive amounts of money into sponsorships. Bayern has a solid fanbase across Germany also contributing to commercial revenue.



4. The replica soccer jersey is by far the most important piece of fan merchandise. However, a number of other products of branded apparel are produced as well. Which club has the biggest total fan apparel sales when t-shirts, polo shirts, track tops etc. are included ?

a. Manchester United

b. Liverpool FC

c. Real Madrid

Correct Answer b. Liverpool.

Again the source is Sport Markt which has estimated that Liverpool sells around 8 million units across all lines of apparel which makes it the biggest seller. Barca and Real Madrid sell the most jerseys. Around 2 million each a year. The trend is going upwards and dependent on results on the pitch so there is a certain incertitude relating to these numbers. Depends on the season and other variables. 


5. The Danish national team has just renewed their technical sponsorship deal with adidas for another 2 years. But when the Danish side thrilled the world with an attacking style of play at the World Cup 1986 in Mexico which brand provided the uniforms ? 

a. adidas

b. Hummel

c. Puma

B. Hummel. Until 2004 The national team played in Hummel shirts.


6. How many teams play in Nike jerseys in the Spanish La Primera Division for the season 2011/12.

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

B. 4 teams. Atl. Madrid, Barca, Malaga, Real Sociedad.



7. Iker Casillas has played in Reebok cleats and gloves during many years but in January 2012 he changed from Reebok to which brand ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. penalty 

a. adidas. Iker now plays in Response gloves and Predator boots.



8. A famous Italian sporting goods brand comes from the home town of Juventus and AS Torino. The city of Turin. But which one ?

a. Kappa

b. Lotto

c. Macron 

a. Kappa. Lotto is from the region Veneto and Macron is from Bologna. Kappa is based in Turin though.


9. Puma has signed a number of high profile players to wear their footwear during the season 11-12. Of the following players who does NOT wear Puma footwear ?

a. Falcao

b. Yaya Toure

c. Fabregas

d. Kun Aguero

e. Benzema 

E. Benzema. Benzema is one of the frontfigures for adidas and their promotion of the adipower Predator boot.


10. In Germany FC Bayern is by far the biggest seller of merchandise. But which 3 clubs follows Bayern in the top 4 merchandising league ?

a. HSV, S04, BVB

b. HSV, Werder, Stuttgart

c. S04, BVB, FC Köln

a. HSV, S04, BVB. Stuttgart also has a solid following so the weak link in B is Werder Bremen which comes from a small market and does not have a following outside the home town. C. the problem is FC Köln a larger city than Gelschenkirchen and Dortmund but perhaps because there are many other activities available in Cologne the people there are not so soccer crazy as up in the heartland of the Ruhr.


11. At the EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine only 4 apparel sponsors are represented sponsoring all 16 teams. But which brand has the most teams ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma

d. Umbro

a. adidas. Russia, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Ukraine. = 6. Nike 5. Puma 2. Umbro 3. 

12. The biggest market for sporting goods in the world is the US. The biggest European market is Germany. But which is the biggest market for soccer related products ?

a. Germany

b. UK

c. US

b. UK. The British love for football brings the UK market up as the number 1 market in the world for football products. The biggest market for sporting goods in Europe remains the German while the biggest in the world is the US market. One day perhaps before too long probably China will take over that spot though.


13. Nike started their venture into soccer relatively late. Only in the mid-90s it became an area of priority for the Portland based company. But which was the first major team that Nike signed up with ?

a. Brazil

b. FC Barcelona

c. Juventus

d. Manchester United

a. Brazil. Brazil was brought onboard after the world cup 1994 in the USA where they wore Umbro. By the WC 1998 in France they were in Nike though. The other teams were signed between 1998 and 2003.


14. adidas has produced the official World Cup match ball uninterrupted since 1970. But what was the name of the 1970 World Cup match ball ?

a. Azteca

b. Tango< /p>

c. Telstar

c. Telstar. Tango followed for the WC 1978 in Argentina and Azteca for the WC 1986 in Mexico.


15. adidas supply the match ball for the Champions League, and Nike for the English Premier League. But which company supplies the official match ball for the French Ligue 1 ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma

c. Puma. adidas takes the German bundesliga. Nike holds spain, england , and Italy but Puma has the 5th big league in Europe the France Ligue 1.


16. Puma was founded in Germany by Rudi Dasler. However, it is now owned by a company from another country. Which company ?


b. Nike

c. Bridgewater

d. PPR 

correct answer is not on the list ) d. for PPR a French luxury group like LVMH but not the same.

we do apologize for the error. we will have to admit that it was not a trick question but an error )



17. In the US Nike has just taken over the technical apparel sponship deal of the NFL from Reebok. But which company provides the uniforms for the MLS Major League soccer ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Reebok

d. Under Armour

a. adidas has the MLS and the NBA.


18. Tottenham Hotspur has decided to part ways with Puma. Instead they have taking in a new sponsor from overseas. Which one ?

a. Li Ning

b. Warrior

c. Penalty

d. Under Armour

d. Under Armour. After Warrior – Under Armour has now followed suit or the other way around. So two new interesting players in the EPL for the season 12/13


19. adidas was one of the first companies to start providing apparel and equipment to soccer teams. With which club of the following is adidas having the longest uninterrupted partnership ?

a. HSV

b. AC Milan

c. Chelsea FC

d. Marseille

e. Real Madrid

d. Marseille. adidas har tidligere været på franske hænder og har arbejde med det franske landshold fra omkring 1970 og til 2011 og med Marseille fra omkring 1972 og frem.


20. Usually the major clubs in a league are equipped by different companies. Nevertheless it happened once that all 3 major Istanbul clubs were sponsored by the same company. Which one ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. puma

d. Uhlsport

a. adidas. Besiktas and Galatasaray from the European side and Fenerbahce were all adidas a few years back. Now Besiktas is Puma and Gala Nike.


21. Which company on the list is NOT German ?

a. Jako

b. Reusch

c. Kelme

d. Kempa

e. Uhlsport 

c. Kelme. A brand which used to sponsor grand Spanish teams like Real Madrid and Valencia and which has also been active in cycling.



22. The fastest growing markert in Europe is Russia. But how much are the total adidas sales (approx.) in Russia ?

a. 100 million Euros

b. 1 billion Euros

c. 10 billion Euros

b. 1 billion. adidas is very successful in Russia and is growing fast. So the 1 billion mark in yearly sales was reached a few years ago.



23. Which boot / cleat is not produced by adidas ?

a. World Cup

b. Copa Mundial

c. King

C. King Puma. The legendary boot from Puma worn by Maradona, Pele and others. 



24. Lionel Messi is currently the number 10 for FC Barcelona. How many different numbers has he worn with the Barca first team ?

a. 1

b. 3

c. 5

b. 3. Messi started out wearing number 30 then it became 19 and when ROnaldinho left Barca he got the number 10 which he will probably keep for a while.


25. When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Real Madrid the number 7 jersey was already taken up by club legend Raul Gonzales. Which number did he get instead ?

a. 9

b. 17

c. 23

d. 77

a. 9. Before the switch the Ronaldo marketing group took out the copyrights of CR9 – an indication that CR7 would become CR9 after the switch to RM. When Raul left the following year he returned to being CR7.



26.  Which Italian club has the most fans in Italy ?

a. AC Milan

b. Inter

c. Juventus

c. Juventus. Juve is by far the most popular club across italy. Internationally AC Milan might be more popular but within Italy Juve wins hands down.



27. New Brazilian star Neymar has a personal sponsorship deal with Nike. But which Nike boot (cleat) does he wear ?

a. Nike Legend

b. Total 90

c. CTR 360

d. Mercurial 

d. Mercurial. The light weight boot from Nike fits attacking striker Neymar well. As a minimum when it comes to marketing.


28. Liverpool will change the ropes for the season 12-13 and start wearing Warrior.But which company is owner of the Warrior brand?

a. Reebok

b. Nike

c. New Balance

d. Under Armour 

c. NB. New Balence is the company behind Warrior.


29. In the Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona first teams the players almost exclusively wear adidas or Nike footwear. However, one Real Madrid starter wears
Umbro – who is he ?

a. Sergio Ramos

b. Arbeloa

c. Pepe

d. Marcelo

e. Concentrao

C. Pepe. For some unknown reason Pepe is in Umbro.


30. When the contract of Danish national defender Agger expired he was offered how much by adidas for a new contract which he accepted ?

a. 1 million USD$ a year unconditionally 

b. 100 K USD$ a year unconditionally no strings attached

c. 50 K USD $ a year if certain performance based goals were reached with regard to number of appearances and results with club and national team

d. 0 $ cash but the boots / cleats for free  


d. according to an adidas sales rep. the agent of Agger thought that his clients feet were worth a whole lot of money. But in scalable industries the top performers take most of the glory and the financial rewards and the list is not very long. So even a well-established player like Daniel Agger is of little value to adidas so there was 0 cash to be had. After shopping around and getting the same answer from other brands the agent had to settle for the free boots. . .



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