AC Milan player NOCERINO 22

The latest new young AC Milan striker to be born. Italian number 23 and AC Milan number 22: NOCERINO

AC Milan home kit 12-13 Il Castello a Milano Nocerino 22

And here is how the Nocerino clone looks like wearing the same jersey!

Nocerino clone in the AC Milan megastore in Milano

and here is Nocerino himself on the pitch!

Nocerino 22 for AC Milan during 11-12 season


 And how does the shirt printing look like ?

Nocerino 22 printing in the new style 12-13


 and the old style for the season 11-12.

AC Milan shirt printing for the season 11-12


 AC Milan home shirt for the season 12-13 + the printing NOCERINO 22 in the new font.


AC Milan jersey metro Milano Nocerino 22 printing


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