Q & A with Real Madrid away jersey reviewer

Which was your first jersey and whom gave it to you ?

My first football jersey was a 2003 Manchester United Home shirt with Ruud van Nistelrooy printing. I don’t fancy Man Utd but was obsessed with the Dutchman’s prolific scoring ability. I received it as a present from my parents who recognized my passion for the sport. I’m still thankful for that. Luckily, Ruud was able to represent Real Madrid later in his career.


If you were to give a piece of advise to the clothing manufacturer what would that be ?

Tradition is one of the most important aspects of club football. Do not lose sight of that while trying to reach new boundaries in the business.


If you were to give a piece of advise to the name and number kit manufacturer what would that be ?

I hope that most name and number printing can become more accessible and affordable.


What is the greatest challenge for your favorite team right now ?

Real Madrid’s greatest challenge is the pursuit of Champion’s League title. They still hold a record (9) European cups but It has been nearly a decade since they won the competition. Several La Liga titles have been secured during that time. The next step is to re-capture Champion’s League glory. Many quality rivals stand in the way. Of course, there is Barcelona and Bayern but teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Juventus are very much capable of winning it all.


When evaluating the club at the current moment what is more important: the legacy or the players in the current squad ?

Real Madrid has one of the richest histories in all of sports. Legendary players have come and gone; a plethora of trophies have been won. The fans are very proud of this. That very same legacy also leads to big expectations. Therefore, the current squad is more important right now because they face the task of adding on to the legacy of the club.



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