¡Pobre México! ¡Tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos!
but. . .
¡Afortunada Argentina! ¡ tan lejos de los Estados Unidos! y Tan cerca de Dios!
Maybe Argentina won in the lottery when the country got the slot to the far south of the American continent and essentially as far away from the US as possible on that longitude.
Maradona saw God’s hand help him score an important goal versus England at the World Cup in 1986.
La Mano de Dios 1986 Maradona
The Pope in 2014 is from Argentina.
And the world’s best footballer Leo Messi seems to have a special connection with someone above to help him achieve his magic on the pitch.
Messi Dios and the two of them
Not to forget the structures reaching for the sky by Argentinian starchitect Cesar Pelli.
Petronas Towers by Cesar Pelli
Che Guevarra made the impossible possible by forging the revolution and holding on in a location very proximate to the US. Without a bit of help that venture seemed doomed to failure.
Argentina as a country has also been specially gifted with a godsend of magnificent landscapes and natural resources. And the tallest mountain peak outside of the Himalayas on planet Earth. And who can compete with the Tibetians and the Dalai Lama anyway. Not a far contest.
Argentina landscape
God must be close to the southern Republic of blanco-celeste.
Vamos Argentinaaaaaaaaaa
Maybe the most passionate fans at all who support their team anywhere and always stand behind the lads win or lose.
Click here to listen to the various Argentina fan songs in support of the national team!
El Monumental Estadio Buenos Aires 1978
The coolest song:
Ole Ole Ole, Ole Ole Ole Ola, 
Ole Ole Ole Yo cada dia te quiero mas 
Ohh Argentina, es un sentimiento, no puedo parar!
for every day I love you even more
oh Argentina it is an emotion I cannot stop
and when the team wins the crowds spill out onto the streets of Buenos Aires among the places the broadest avenue in the world. Avenida 9 de julio.
Avenida 9 de Julio Buenos Aires
Of course there is a pointer towards the sky also on this very broad avenue. Argentina is as much about the vertical dimension as about the horizontal one.
EL Obelisco Buenos Aires Argentina
and Eva y Juan Peron mmmm contentious issue. Difficult to figure out where to place these two prominent figures in the overall schedule of things.
But let’s end this review on a positive note. Tango. The magnificent Argentinian dance pretty much emphazising the national character while bringing a very beautiful expression to the world.
San Telmo Buenos Aires Argentinian tango
From the historic neighborhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo, with cobble stone streets and many historical buildings we bring Argentinian street tango. Simply beautiful.

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