Sipesa were the first to hold a license to produce the official FC Barcelona printing.
This license was taken over by Sporting ID a few years back.
From starting from the season 2018/19 the new provider will be Avery.
FC Barcelona printing by Avery
Avery in Norway has already produced the official player’s issue version for a couple of years. But now all products player’s issue, replica, junior etc. + distribution be gathered under Avery.
Avery in Norway provides Barcelona with 4 million pieces a year
It is unclear though how this figure is counted. Messi + 1 + 0 + UNICEF or Messi + 1 + 0 does it mean that each name and number kit consists of somewhere between 2 and 4 pieces ?
So the number of name kits could be anywhere between 1 million and 4 million in total.
The quality is great.
Avery Number 1 FC Barcelona
Beautifully design with net structure.
Click here to check out the offering by Avery of FC Barcelona printing!
Not only does Avery provide printing for FC Barcelona but they also help clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal.
Click here to read about the cooperation between Avery and Liverpool FC!

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