New English Premier League standard sleeve badges

The company behind the sleeve badges for the English Premier League Sporting ID has announced that they will introduce a new quality of sleeve badges for the upcoming season 13/14. The name of the material applied is Pro-S.

Click here to read the details at the Sporting ID website!

The benefits by applying plastic rather than flock are thought to be the following:

– Quicker & Easier to Apply

 – High Definition Print with Superior Whiteness

 – Migration Resistant

 – Increased Wearer Comfort

 – Enhanced Durability on Performance Fabrics

 – RSL & Oeko-Tex Compliant

New EPL sleeve badges


The champs badges worn by the reigning Champions of the Premier League will continue to be made in Sencilla which is a flock like material. The design will not change only the quality of the product.


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