PS-PRO new English Premier League names and numbers

Sporting ID has announced that for the season 13/14 a new name and number kit will be introduced.

Click here to read the statement at the Sporting ID website!


The material is plastic rather than flock which has been used to far. The design is presumably thesame.

The benefits are listed as the following:

– Quicker & Easier to Apply

– High Definition Print with Superior Whiteness

– Migration Resistant

– Increased Wearer Comfort

– Enhanced Durability on Performance Fabrics

– RSL & Oeko-Tex Compliant 

New Premier League name and number kit 13/14


We assume that the 5 different colorways available so far will continue: white, black, navy, red, gold.

Click this link for a presentation of the new Premier League name and number set!


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