Liverpool Shanks top | Liverpool track top retro style

Retro jerseys or retro shirts can be popular items to wear in order to remember a distant or a nearby past. Often the retro products feature the glory days of a club or a player. Those times that any fan will look back to when the present performance of the team is not too stellar.

Liverpool FC Shanks track top


Legendary Liverpool manager Bon Shankly might have worn a track top similar to this one. And Liverpool did do fairly well during the time that he was the club’s manager. So many fans will probably have fond memories of those glory days if they see this track jacket.


If the front is fairly discreet the back leaves no doubt as to what this about.

A take no prisoners approach and a clear indication as to what is THE team this is about.

LIVERPOOL FC in capital letters.


Liverpool Shanks top backside Liverpool FC


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