Review: Liverpool away short & socks 11-12 + LFC womens tee

By MM Sports Liverpool FC ambassador Debra Capp

Here’s my story.

Lachie and Oscar are my sons (11 years and 10 years respectively). Football, or soccer as we refer to it in Australia, is their passion. Both boys are skilful players of the game at community club level. As well, they are avid fans of Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona and our local A League team, Melbourne Victory.

As you know, I’m a mum. Apart from my children, my interests are gardening, yoga, music and reading. I know very little about the game of soccer although I am learning. In this regard I’m rather a slow learner but it can’t be said that I don’t try. I have managed the boys’ community team for the past two seasons and recently began managing their futsal team. Also, I am entering my third season of accompanying them to A League matches and I can recognize some of the players. However what I am most interested in, as I watch the play, is the design and colour of the player’s kit. I love beautiful fabric and well cut clothes, especially on toned athletic bodies.

The latest Liverpool away gear is quite stunning. The colour scheme of solid grey and silver with red trim is very flattering. This is Lachie with his latest “look”. He is wearing the Liverpool away jersey, shorts and socks with along with his new Adidas trainers.

Liverpool away shorts and socks 11-12


Here is a short video of Lachie and Oscar in action.


And I’m still trying to keep up with both my boys. So here I am in my Liverpool tee.

Liverpool womens tee red


Thanks once again MM Sport.  

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