Liverpool home jersey 2013/14 – Details

The collar is one of the most significant features on a shirt. Various options are available when it comes to choosing the design of the collar. The choice will have a high impact on the overall expression of the shirt.


Liverpool home shirt 13/14 collar


The heart and the soul of any replica shirt is and will always be the team logo. The club badge.

In the case of Liverpool FC there are two variants.


Liverpool club badge LiverBird


The one above is the one currently in use. The one below is the other variant which is the more elaborate variant.


Liverpool FC club logo

And finally we will have to look at the neckline seen from the backside.


Liverpool neckline seen from the back


And the much fabled LiverBird – how does it look like in the original version ?


Liverpool LiverBird original version


Anfield is a part of the city of the city of Liverpool which was part of the Salford district. The coat of arms looks like this.

Salford Coat of Arms

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