From Bland Poly to Cool Patterns

Something has changed. The bland polyester jersey where one mask looked like the other is a thing of the past.

Over the past couple of years the jersey manufacturers have put a lot of effort into producing jerseys with a very vivid and cool pattern woven into the fabric.

Below we will look at different types of techniques and patterns.

Chelsea home fabric 2012/13 pattern


Napoli home fabric for the season 2012/13

Napoli home fabric 2012/13


AC Milan home fabric for the season 2013/14. Mesh panel and Clima Cool polyester.

AC Milan home jersey 2013/14 Clima Cool


Nike Dri-Fit polyester woven in special pattern.

PSG woven fabric 2013/14


Warrior and Liverpool also has a special style. Example is the LFC home jersey 13/14.

Liverpool FC home fabric 2013/14


Puma home jersey 2013/14 Puma style pattern woven into fabric.


Puma style fabric 2013-14


which one is the coolest ? hard to tell . . . But they all look cool.


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