Collar me Bad | The head of the jersey

The football shirt (soccer jersey) has certain things in common with a traditional dress shirt.

The bottons are absent but the collar is there at least those times when a high collar is chosen.

The crew neck and the v-neck do not quite resemble the dress shirt that much but they do point to the importance of the collar as a signiture feature of the jersey.

Brazil high collar

Brazil home jersey the high collar


The mixed collar. Not high not low but somewhere in between.

man city away jersey 13-14 mixed collar


Lets move on towards the v-neck. or almost a v-neck. does have a bit of a crew feeling to it but strictly speaking it is probably what one would consider a V.

BVB v-neck home jersey 13-14


and the pure classical crew neck! Lets take no other than Real Madrid and use that one as an example.

Real Madrid crew neck 2013/14


But back to another pure play high collar traditional dress shirt style.

Arsenal away jersey 13-14 high collar


Hybrids are not only present when it comes to cars. Also when it comes to collars. This collar from Joma seems like a hybrid between the high collar and the v-neck collar.

Valencia home collar 2013-14


Juve away collar including a tag with the year of foundation.

Juve away collar 2013/14 tag 1897




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