EURO Champions since 1960


The European Championship kicked off with a tournament back in 1960. In the early days it did not attract many countries nor was it an international media event at the scale of today.

The tournament gained steam during the 1970s and has since then become ubiquitous in the international football calendar taking up the same in even years with a frequency of 4.


The winning nations since the start back in 1960:

1960 – USSR

1964 – Spain

1968 – Italy

1972 – Germany

1976 – Czechoslovakia

1980 – Germany

1984 – France

1988 – Holland

1992 – Denmark

1996 – Germany

2000 – France

2004 – Greece

2008 – Spain

2012 – ?


A number of different countries have won. Including the minors like Czechoslovakia, Denmark, and Greece.

Among the major nations never to have one the Cup one stands out: England.

For the tournament 2012 in Poland and Ukraine all former winners will be present. 3 former winners will be gathered in the same group: Denmark , Germany, Holland + one former finalist Portugal.

Group A can also boast of having 3 former winners participating: Russia, Czech Republic, and Greece + one of the two host countries Poland.

So how does the all – time ranking look like over the best performers ?

Germany – 3

Spain – 2

France – 2

and then all other countries which have won stands at just one titel:

USSR , Italy , Czech , Holland ,  Denmark ,  Greece.

So the odds of winning look pretty good for all participating nations.




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