Details: Borussia Dortmund home jersey 12-13


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Dortmund made the switch from Kappa and to the Puma before the season 12-13.

Now they are making noise in the UEFA Champions League which has elevated good players like Reus and Götze to great international names known by a global audience.

So lets try to take a look at the new Puma Dortmund home jersey.


Dortmund home jersey including printing


The jersey in the image above comes with the extras: Bundesliga badge + name and number kit on the backside.


Echte Liebe or True love


The jersey comes ful of love to the club. True love = Echte Liebe never dies.


Dortmund crest + 2 stars


In Germany one star is granted for 3 titles. 2 stars for 5 titles. 3 stars for 10 titles. 4 stars for 20 titles.


Puma material logo


The material of the Dortmund jersey is Dry Cell polyester.


Dortmund authenticity label


Authenticity label at the bottom of the jersey.



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