Company Review | MM Sport

By Christine B.

I live in the San Francisco area, and have been ordering from MM Sports for more than two years. Both my sons love soccer and wear a soccer jersey almost every day to school.  While I have tried ordering from other United States based websites and stores, not a one has come close to the quality and service that we have received from MM Sports.  We have ordered approximately 30 or more jerseys from them and each one was perfectly customized and authentic.  Many of the boys’ friends and their families have commented on the quality of the jerseys and ask where we have purchased them. I am always happy to give a very enthusiastic endorsement of MM Sports. 


In addition to the highest quality merchandise, the customer service Mikkel and those at MM Sports provide has been unmatched.  Whether it is a question as to the availability of a hard to find jersey, or needing help to determine the correct size for my sons, the response is almost immediate (even across many time zones). We only buy our soccer jerseys through MM Sports.  Thank you MM Sports!




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