If yes to both questions in the headline do not hesitate to contact us!
We would like to help you organize an exhibition in our small exhibition space in Randers, Jutland, Denmark.
The town is right on the main north south highway running all the way from the Sicily to the north of Norway. This means that people from a relatively large geographical area have easy access to visit. This will ensure that fans will be able to visit also beyond the city limits.
Bring out your soccer jersey collection
Europe is small these days. Flights and bus rides are inexpensive, border crossing frictionless.
Jutland is served by 3 airports: Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund. Add to that the major airports of Copenhagen and Hamburg. Either of them just 4-5 hours away.
We can help you with accommodation and ground transport within the country.
We can also help you to organize the exhibition according to your vision with regard to supporting visuals like posters and banners, audio the music / sound you think would be right. If you need a jersey to be upgraded with a print we may have it even if it is going back in time.
Feel free to reach out with no strings attached and we can discuss the situation.
In a short time from now the grass will be green and spring will be in full blossom. Once this gets under way it is definitely a good time to get on the move.
Green grass a green football field
Residents from other continents than Europe are also most welcome!
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