By Chelsea Ambassador R.P.

Challenge 1:

I think the biggest factor as to whether or not an individual gets an upsell on there jersey is probably price point.  If it’s overly expensive to upgrade it becomes prohibitive. If there was a flat upgrade fee for several of a team’s star players I think it would be a good selling point that would lead to some extra sales.   I do feel like it’s much more likely that people will upgrade a jersey with a player’s name rather than league badges. Players are much more integral to the team identity.  Teams may play in  many different leagues and tournaments throughout the season (UEFA, FA cup, etc.) and it becomes difficult to keep up with it.

As to the cross sell, I think  maybe it would be best to do a range of items.  I think to most adults getting a complete kit is unnecessary, but as you said maybe a discounted last years jersey or shirts in support of the same side, or  periphery items (scarves, hats, accessories). 

Challenge 2:

When it comes to non jersey shirts, I don’t think it’s necessarily an either or type situation.  I own both a jersey and cotton t-shirts in support of my college football team (Go Longhorns!).  I think it’s a matter of coming up with some clever, snazzy looking shirts that support your team.  The problem I’ve noticed with soccer shirts is that they tend to just be cotton replicas of  the jerseys.  No clever whit or puns; just team names and maybe a player number on the back.  Here in the states, there has been a big movement for throwback gear, using the logos and designs of the past.  This may be a path you could pursue. 


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