By Adriano Lourenco, SP, Brasil
Currently in Brazil apart from Neymar the famous player is Kaka! But he will probably not be selected for the World Cup! The most talked about players here are those who play for local teams, like¬†PH Ganso, Rogerio Ceni, Ronaldinho, Alexandre Pato, Fred… But really when it comes to their popularity in the national team it is not so much about the player but rather about the club (Sao Paulo, Corinthians, Flamengo. ..)! In a European context the most famous Brazilians currently playing for the national team are:¬†Ramires, Oscar, David Luiz, Thiago Silva (in particular), Daniel Alves, Bernard, Dante, Fernandinho, Lucas …
When it comes to the replica market the Brazilian like different shirts and a fair price! ) A shirt at launch in Brazil would cost an average of R $ 180.00! Some of my friends from Europe want to stay at my place for the World Cup … hahaha in return for their free stay they will have to pay back by bringing me some replica shirt … hahahaha
The JR or Junior in “NEYMAR JR”, is a tribute to his father who is also called Neymar! Junior has always thanked his father for taking care of his career! PH Ganso and Ronaldinho surely will not be invited to the Cup! And the number 10 already belongs to Neymar for good!

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