Which Jerseys are sold the most?

According to sportsbreak.com these are the figures for the season 2014/15.
Not sure who their reference us ?
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So the list of best selling jerseys goes like this:
AC Milan: 350 K
PSG: 385 K
Inter: 450 K
Juve: 480 K
Arsenal: 800 K
Liverpool: 810 K
Bayern: 880 K
Chelsea: 910 K
Barca: 1.15 m
Man Utd: 1.4 m
Real Madrid: 1.5 m
Real Madrid best selling jersey 2014/15
No major surprises really.
After the treble win for Barcelona at the end of the season 2014/15 one might expect though that they rise in the ranks for 15/16. With new launch for Manchester United of their kit from Adidas that might boost sales as well. Real Madrid might see a drop though due to lack of titles, honors, signings etc. But a top 3 placement should be guaranteed nevertheless.
For the season 2013/14 Bayern should have sold 1.3 m jerseys.
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So that is what success does. Since Bayern won the treble in 2013 (for the season 2012/13) it has probably help to elevate sales significantly for the season 13/14.

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