Back in the day when Spurs were still wearing Under Armour. No more Puma and not yet Nike. American up and coming brand was make some noise and possibly a statement by signing one of the bigger clubs in the Premier League. Later UA quit European soccer alltogether but at this point in time they were trying to expand their footprint across the Pond. And in order to do so they figured that they had to make a forray into the most prized asset of them all in Europe: football.

Let’s take a look at the Spurs home kit from UA.

A bit unusual with diagonal stripe. Usually the Spurs home kit is plain white with just a sprinkle of navy as contrast.

Old School PS Pro Premier League printing. Sweet. Of course it was the navy/white font for the Spurs home kit.

All in all a fairly decent kit. Even the red sponsor logo does not disturb the overall picture too much.

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