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UEFA Champions League new format 2024/25

The UCL will change from the current format to a more dynamic new format come 2024 and first be adopted for the season 24/25.

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Two big groups each comprising 18 teams = 36 in total. 8 of which will qualify automatically for the knock-out phase. While 8 teams will face one another in order to qualify for the round of 16.

In essence that will mean that 24 out of 36 or 75% will make it to the next round in some form.

What are the benefits ? To quote UEFA…

What does the new Champions League format mean for fans?

  • More opportunities to see Europe’s top teams playing each other earlier in the competition.
  • Every game counts. The new league format will ensure that any result has the potential to dramatically change a team’s position, right up the very last matchday. Winning or losing could make the difference between a side automatically qualifying for the last 16, entering the play-offs or being eliminated from the competition.