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Newcastle United 21/22 home jersey – Player Name & Number

The official Newcastle United kit sponsor is the UK brand Castore. The NUFC logo remains the same as always. No fancy new design there. The basic outline of the home kit: black/white stripes remains the same also.

Button down collar, and mandarin collar. The sponsor is a Chinese betting firm I would assume.

The left arm sleeve is left blank. No sponsorlogo.

The right arm sleeve carries the official Premier League sleeve badge. This is an add-on and does not come as standard from the kit producer.

The printing at the back is an add-on as well. From the producer it comes blank. Retailers can then offer the customer to customize the kit. Like in this example with a player name and number.

The official Premier League letters and numbers are provided by the company Avery Dennison.

All clubs in the Premier League wear the same style of printing. The only distinction is as to which color to choose. There are 5 different to choose from: white, black, navy, red, neon yellow. All with a white outline, except “white” where the outline is black.

In the example above the choice has fallen on red/white.

Misc. Clubs . . .

Newcastle United 21/22 home kit – Shearer #9

Newcastle United is back in business. If anyone had any doubts as to whether money buys success in sports , well that doubt must have been alleviated by now. NUFC is rapidly moving out of relegation zone after a few key players have been added to the squad.

The kits are now by Castore. And up and coming brand of UK origin. Most likely with deep pockets stemming from … venture, or private equity. Their claim is that they will be able to make better kits than other players in the industry. Does it hold up ? Well, judge for yourself. Take a look below and let the world know what you think ?

But as well all know. The good old times were much better than the failures of current times. And the best of times was probably when Shearer was around. Pun intended…….

So let’s check out how Shearer looks on a modern style kit.

Pretty cool. Zebra stripes + red makes for a stylish kit.

go and get it!!