Manchester United

Christian Eriksen #14 x Man Utd 22/23

Changes at Man Utd. New coach/manager , new players, new director. Will it work out ? Will Man Utd once again become a force to reckon with … That is yet to be seen. So far the signals have been mixed.

Among the new players have arrived at Old Trafford are Danish international Christian Eriksen.

He comes out of the Ajax school thus the number 14 is not a bad choice as shirt number.

No Premier League shirt without the iconic sleeve badge.

Manchester United

Man Utd home jersey 21/22 – Ronaldo 7

Manchester United saw the return of their lost son Cristiano Ronaldo end of August 2021. The honeymoon did not last for long though. By November the season was already in tatters and the manager had to go.

After the initial return of Ronaldo sales of the Man Utd kits were through the roof and sold out everywhere. So let’s take a look at what the fans were buying into at the purely physical level.

Red tee with crew neck and white accents.

Left arm sponsor logo with a rather unknow company called Kohler.

Right arm sleeve carrying the Premier League sleeve badge.

Finally the essence of it all. The official PL name and number kit and the name everyone was vying for RONALDO #7.