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Brentford 21/23 home kit – Eriksen 21

Brentford is a suburb to London in the western part of the city. Not far away from the Heathrow international airport. The club has had pretty low profile existence for much of its history. That changed however when the club was finally promoted to the Premier League for the 21/22 season. Playing in the Premier League brings a totally different level of exposure and many fans who had never ever heard about the club are now aware that there is something called Brentford.

In Denmark the club has received additional press due to the fact that they have signed the Danish star player Christian Eriksen in the January transfer window. Eriksen has signed a half season contract which expires by the end of the current season. But I assume that there is the chance that it might be extended should the working relationship turn out to become a success.

Jersey wise Brentford is kitted out by Umbro. The club logo is adourned by a bee or a wasp. Sponsor logo is obviously some kind of betting firm.

All clubs in the Premier League wear a PL sleeve badge for all Premier League matches.

In the photo above the Premier League sleeve badge is clearly visible and so is the club logo to the left side of the chest.

Finally we have the backside of the jersey , and the name ERIKSEN 21 in the official Premier League font. Black provides a pretty sharp contrast to the red/white stripes.