Denmark 3rd jersey World Cup 2022 – the color is black

Denmark will typically go with 2 kits: red home kit and white away kit. The flag is red/white but predominantly red thus it makes a whole lot of sense with that distribution. However, for the EURO 2020 which was finally getting under way in June of 2021 well there was a slight addition to that very traditional scheme. An all red third jersey.

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That jersey turned out to be the most popular of the lot. So maybe that was the reason why Hummel decided to go with a 3 kits line-up again for the World Cup 2022. But this time the choice fell on black as the color for the third kit. A rather unusual color for the outfield shirts for Denmark. The goalier keeper has been black occassionally. But otherwise the uniforms are always either red or white or a combination of the two. Interesting to see how the fans will respond. If they will embrace or scorn the all black third kit.

A very blackish black. A little bit of grey or charchoal might appear sleeve and shoulder but for the rest it is plain black.

The printing is the same as for the home kit. White with a silver outline.

The front numbers are white as well. Very noticable on the black background.

and from a slightly different angle. The player being featured here is of course Christian Eriksen the great star on the Danish team of 2022.