Denmark home jersey 2022 – custom name

Typically a jersey will sell with a break-down of: 60% player names , 20% custom names, 20% blanks.

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Let’s try to look at home a custom jersey may look like.

Here is the official font for the regular DBU home jersey , but with the goalie name and number rather than that of an outfield player.

However, the customization can also be done using a standard font.

It can look something along the lines here.

The printing looks decent but it is important to point out that it is not the official font.


Denmark 20/21 custom jersey

Denmark national team jersey from DBU by Hummel + official name and number kit from Jetsport. The national team jerseys come without sponsor logo, while on the other hand compared to club jerseys they come with a front number. Usually 10-11 cm tall.

Thus a player jersey and a custom jersey look the same at the front.

On the back the name will differ while the style of printing will be the same regardless of it being a player name or a custom name.

If the jersey had been by the player Simon KJÆR the number 4 would have been the same as in the example of the custom jersey.

But the name would obviously have been different.

Another angle to provide better lightening and thus sharper colors.