Real Madrid

Real Madrid 23/24 home jersey – BELLINGHAM 5

New kid on the block and rising star , Jude Bellingham is doing it all for Real Madrid this his first season at the Bernabeu. He has hit the ground running and seems not to be letting up.

Real Madrid home jersey 2023/24 mens sizes with a short presentation.

Below the full size jersey. Additional details are visible in the extended photo. Sleeves, sides , bottom trim. The proportions between upper part and lower part.

The Real Madrid 2023/24 home jersey is as stylish as they get. In the photo above adjoined with the Club World Cup Champions 2022 badge, bref: CWC22

And let’s get a closer look on the name and number printing itself. The color might look black in the image but in fact it is dark blue. The club logo is easier to discern. Clear orange / dark yellow. The font chosen is characterized by rather large letters. The numbers do not stand out in any particular way with regard to the font.

The Real Madrid 2023/24 home jersey displayed below in full size from the back and how it looks like including the name and number kit. Real Madrid sports two different name and number kits for the season 23/24: one for La Liga which comes in a standard font, and one for UCL and secondary Cup tournaments which is the one seen below and where every aspect of the design is 100% controlled by the club.

The official name and number kit features the RM logo at the bottom of the number. It is only used in Cup tournaments and thus in the Spanish league La Liga matches.

Sleeve badges for the UEFA Champions league. The Starball which is the symbol of the UCL and with the number 14 inside which refers to the 14 Champions League titles Real Madrid has conquered so far.

UEFA has started to run different campaigns for the greater good. UEFA Foundation is a foundation set up to promote the development of football in areas with few resources available. The idea is to try to influence various aspects of development through football. Prior to the current campaign UEFA ran a campaign called “Respect” and which was directed at rooting out racism from football.