Sporting Goods logistics

In the world of sporting goods most of the products are produced in far out places (from a European perspective).

Transport takes time. Sourcing takes time. Production takes time. Lead times are usually around 5-7 months.

The retailer places his order November or December one year for delivery June or July the following year.

How does the world look like 6 months ahead ? Did Barcelona win the Champions League ? Did Man United make a major signing ? Was Juventus relegated due to fraud ? all of these issues are impossible to predict.

But one has to place the pre-orders anyway. Looking into the crystal ball and making a qualified guess about the state of affairs 6-7 months ahead.

Does it have to be like that ?

Maybe not so.

Maybe there is hope that lead times like the ones of Spanish retailer (and producer) Zara is working with can be cut to weeks or low digits months rather than what we are seeing currently.

The near shoring or quick sourcing might be on the way as costs are rising in China and elsewhere.

See here for an example of how it works between the US and Mexico!


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