Soccer in the US | Soccer’s Big takeover ?

A lot discussions have taken place with regard to the role of soccer in the US.

There are many different opinions as to the current status and how it will fare into the future.

Actually soccer in the US is not just one thing.

There is the pro league MLS.

there are the active players at grassroot level.

and there is the fan segment following European soccer.

To get the broad perspective read this blogpost on ESPN! Soccers Big Takeover!

A short extract from the article:

But the sporting tectonic plates have shifted. America’s cultural diversification, increasingly globalized outlook, and widespread access to the Internet all have benefitted soccer more than the other more traditional American sports. “In the last two years, Americans have been exposed to elite soccer on a very regular basis, which has allowed us to appreciate the sport and develop a savvy about it in a way we could not before,” Luker said.

The impact of these factors has been as powerful as they are simple. “Kids growing up today gain cachet and social currency by knowing about the sport,” Luker said. The old stigma has fallen away. Pride and esteem have become attached to the game for the first time as Americans have collectively undergone a “now we understand what it is all about” moment. It is only a matter of time ’til we see soccer take off in a big way.”


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