Here you can read more information about shopping from the US!
Global e-commerce is growing. And by now e-commerce is by definition cross-border and global in scope. People shop increasingly from wherever they find a good value proposition not regarding the physical location of the retailer or the warehouse.
For all its allure a few basic facts.
Taxes and Duty
The tax free and import duty free limit to the US is 200 $ FOB meaning that the limit accrues to the merchandise but not the shipping nor the insurance.
Delivery time
Delivery time to the US by standard priority shipping through a cooperation between The Danish Post and USPS pretty much takes 7 days in the mail.
We have shipped to more than 35 US states in 2014 the vast majority of packages are delivered in 7 days. A few arrive in 6 or 8 days. beyond that there are very few cases.
Only exception is Chicago. The cargo plane from Denmark lands in Chicago and therefore delivery to Chicago addresses might be around 2 days faster than to the rest of the country.
USPS online tracking tool:!input.action
DHL is used exclusively for express shipments. DHL express shipments can be tracked at this webpage:
 Processing time
Total delivery time = processing time + shipping time.
We strife to ship orders as quick as possible no matter whether they require customization or not. But it can take a couple of days after the order has been received before it leaves the warehouse.
We do not accept returns of customized items! whether it be player name and number, custom name, numbers, or shorts numbers etc. No refunds, no exchanges.
That is the first and foremost thing to be aware of.
Beyond that we accept returns and exchanges as long as the product in mention is returned to us in resellable condition. The customer will pay to return the item. We will pay to ship the exchange in the opposite direction. In case of a refund the customer will pay to send the item back and once it has been well-received we will issue the refund.
Please mark the package as RETURNS so we will not be charged import tax and duty.
we accept all major credit and debit cards. and Pay Pal.
wired transfer and western union can be arranged for but is somewhat more complicated and rarely used in fact.
From time to time overseas shoppers encounter problems when trying to submit payment.
Here a short overview over possible causes for the problem.
One issue can be server time out. When having to connect to a server on another continent it might happen that response time is so long that the request times out and the process is aborted. One can try again or come back a bit later. Usually it is a very temporary problem.
At other times the customer may have VISA debit card but is not aware that is a debit card rather than a credit card and choose the payment option VISA credit. The opposite may also be the case. In that case the problem can be easily resolved simply by choosing the opposite type of card when choosing means of payment.
From US based customers we have heard that sometimes the bank having issued their card has imposed a limitation so that the card can only be used to make payments at home. This step has been taken to avoid credit card fraud but it is of course not very useful when the rightful owner of the card wishes to make a purchase from an international store. The bank can easily change the setting though.
Finally there might not be sufficient funds available on the account associated with the card to cover the cost of the purchase. So you might want to check your balance as well if the above suggestions do not resolve the problem.
Credit card companies charge a fee to the merchant (the seller) typically some 2-3% when it comes to international transactions. Some companies pass this charge onto the customer. In our case we incur this charge as the cost of doing business meaning that there will be no such charges once the final step of check out has been reached.

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