Real Madrid long sleeve youth jersey

Does the Real Madrid long sleeve youth soccer jersey exist ? fact or fiction ?

As a rule of thumb the answer is negative. However, the situation is not static. From time to time a Real Madrid long-sleeve youth jersey does appear somewhere on the European continent.

But most seasons it does not.

For the season 2013/14 it seems like the answer to the question at the start of the paragraph is negative.

We have not been able to spot it anywhere: Spain, UK, Scandinavia.

The long-sleeve home jersey adult size mens is available in most European markets though.

But not in youth size. Conclusion: the smallest size available currently is the adult Small.


Real Madrid hjemme trøje med lange ærmer


Furthermore those looking for the adult mens Real Madrid long-sleeve away or long sleeve third jersey will also be looking in vain. These jerseys are not available for general retail either.

Last time we checked they were not even available from the available club website.

The alternative to the long-sleeve youth jersey is not surpricingly. . . 

The Real Madrid short sleeve youth jersey! Click here to see the selection!

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