Break it Down: Real Madrid home jersey 13/14

SO here it is the Real Madrid home jersey for the season 2013/14.

White / Orange / Steel grey.

Crew neck | 3-stripes at the sleeves.

Real Madrid home jersey 2013/14

Did we mention the crew collar above ? yeah I guess so thus let’s take a closer look.

Real Madrid home kit 13/14 crew collar


How about the crest , the logo , the coat of arms – that is a pretty important part of a jersey isn’t it ?

yeah right well in that case let’s bring it on!

Real Madrid club logo 2013/14


Real Madrid is from the city of Madrid which historically has been part of the kingdom Castilia y Leon.

Now a days Madrid is part of a separat region: Comunidad de Madrid while the province of Castilia y Leon is anchored by Valladolid. The Real Madrid logo used to be more in the direction of purple but early 21st century the logo and the branding identity got a make-over and the bluish color become more blue than purple.


coat of arms Castilia y Leon


Looks cool. But also take a look at the fabric. That is not bad either is it ?

Is that it then ? nahh well how about the fact that Real Madrid is a Spanish side and playing in the Spanish LFP ?

Real Madrid home jersey LFP sleeve badge


Yeah a bit of embroidery on the sleeve is probably not going to do too much harm is it ? So let’s attach it there then. Sew it on. Somebody might choose to dispose of it if it were detachable. Better not give people the chance to let go of the sponsor badge. What if we had to return some cash to the FA. Sew it on ! log it in! Let it stay forever.

mmm so this is a soccer jersey , right ? But they are usually made out of cotton or what ?

yeah well maybe they were in fact some time ago like during the 1920s. But just like people longer travel by horse driven carriages soccer players do no longer run around in cotton jerseys. Somebody some time figured out that some artificial fiber man-made of course could be used instead. So now we are talking polyester dude. Yup. right on.

Take a look and you will know what I am talking about.

Real Madrid clima cool fabric 2013/14


Nice mesh panel. Lovely holes. great net. What are we catching tonight ?

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