Editorial: Real Madrid home jersey 11-12

By MM Sports editor M. Bager

The new Real Madrid home jersey for the season 2011-12 is white (not surprisingly) but with gold.

This is how the short sleeve version looks like:


Real Madrid home jersey 11-12 new image


Primary purpose by bringing this blog post is to check out the quality of images online.


Below the adidas promotional video used to advertise the jersey online at launch back in May / June 2011.

The protagonists of this video in the order they appear Sergio Ramos, Casillas , Zidane, Alonso, Kaka, Di Maria , Higuain. What they share is that they are all adidas players except Sergio Ramos. Casillas is sponsored by Reebok but Reebok is part of the adidas group. Sergio Ramos plays in Nike footwear. So why he appears in the video is somewhat of a mystery. After all Spain is represented by Casillas and Alonso. Sergio Ramos is the player in the current RM squad who has been with the club for the longest duration after Iker Casillas. Which makes him the vice-captain by definition. He is a World Champion with Spain but he did not come out of the Real Madrid youth academy (La Cantera) like a Guti, a Raul or Iker Casillas.



Adidas makes sure to bring a number of shots of their new and updated predator boot. A boot worn by several of the Real Madrid players like Alonso , Higuain , and Di Maria.

Another detail is the square where the scooter passes by at the beginning. It is Las Cibeles. The Square in central Madrid where Real Madrid’s fans always go to celebrate after having won a trophy. The goal Zidane scores secures Real Madrid its’ 9th European or Champions League title. Why they have chosen to feature the Champions League version of the jersey rather than the LFP version is unknown.

But in any case! So there is a lot of bagage being loaded for some serious silverware to be won: gold stripes, Las Cibeles, Champions League glory . . . 

La decima “the tenth” or the La Liga. Another Copa del Rey will probably not cut it this year.

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