The general theme of the Real Madrid collection for the season 2016/17 will be purple.
The white home jersey will come with a purple accent. The away kit will be an all purple affair. The training and leisure wear will be heavy on purple as well.
Barcelona will sport a purple third kit. Funny coincidence since purple is rarely used for soccer uniforms with the one notable exception of La Viola, Fiorentina. But this year viola seems to be en vogue while at the same time the great artist and musician Prince has sadly passed away. The man behind the classic: Purple Rain. May he rest in peace.
But back to Real Madrid. Here is a leaked photo of the RM away jersey 16/17.
Real Madrid away jersey 2016/17 - close-up
Launch date is set to the 14th of July. Not sure if they will hold it that long though. Could it be that the jersey will see an early release ?

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