The grand revelation of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil was Colombian midfield sensation James Rodriguez. Immediately after the World Cup Final the move to Real Madrid was confirmed. JAMES was given the number 10. A jersey which had been worn by FIGO, and ÖZIL and PUSKAS.

At the time the Spanish La Liga was still called LFP. Liga Futbol Professional.

Real Madrid had won the Champions League for the season 2013/14 and thus had the chance to win the FIFA Club World Championship which they did without breaking too much sweat.

With tag or without tag. New or brand new.

Even more detail with the all-white background.

The official name and number printing is from the UK based company Sporting ID. The font chosen is specific for the 2014/15 season. The color is grey/black. The club logo in white at the bottom of the numbers make the club relation very visual.

The pink contrast was rather controversial at the time. But has since been used on several occasions and the controversy has faded. Shirt design has become rather varied and few taboos are left. Nobody has broken the “Real Madrid plain white home jersey taboo” yet though. But Barca and Atleti stripes have been twisted so who knows what the future will bring. . .

James Rodriguez’s Impactful Stint at Real Madrid (2014-2017):

James Rodriguez, the Colombian sensation, made a marquee move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2014, following an outstanding performance in the FIFA World Cup. The transfer, valued at around €75 million, was a record-breaking deal at the time.

During his three-season tenure with Los Blancos, from 2014 to 2017, James Rodriguez became an integral part of the squad, contributing with his exceptional skills and flair. His first season with Real Madrid was particularly noteworthy, as he showcased his goal-scoring abilities and creativity, earning the adoration of fans and fellow players alike.

Despite his initial success, James faced increased competition in subsequent seasons, leading to loan spells in the Bundesliga. He spent the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons on loan with Bayern Munich, where he continued to impress with his performances.

In July 2019, James Rodriguez joined another Serie A club, Napoli, on loan for the 2019-2020 season. Following the conclusion of his loan spell, he returned to Real Madrid in 2020 but did not secure a regular spot in the starting XI.

In September 2020, James Rodriguez made a permanent move away from Real Madrid, signing with Everton in the English Premier League. His departure marked the end of a captivating chapter in Real Madrid’s history.

Before donning the iconic white jersey of Real Madrid, James Rodriguez played for AS Monaco in Ligue 1, where his standout performances earned him the attention that eventually led to his high-profile move to the Santiago Bernabéu.

Real Madrid CF: 2014/15 Season Overview:

The 2014/15 football season was a period of mixed fortunes for Real Madrid CF under the management of Carlo Ancelotti. The team showcased dominance in various competitions, achieving notable success on multiple fronts but finishing the season without winning major honors.

Honors Won:

  1. UEFA Super Cup: Real Madrid started the season on a high note, securing the UEFA Super Cup by defeating Sevilla 2-0 in a match held in Cardiff, Wales.
  2. FIFA Club World Cup: The squad continued its success on the global stage, clinching the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco. Real Madrid secured the title with a 2-0 victory over San Lorenzo in the final.

La Liga: Real Madrid had a commendable performance in La Liga, finishing the season with an impressive 92 points. However, despite their strong campaign, they narrowly missed out on the league title, finishing in second place behind Barcelona.

UEFA Champions League: The journey in the UEFA Champions League showcased moments of brilliance, with Real Madrid advancing to the semi-finals. However, they faced a setback with elimination at the hands of Juventus, who progressed to the final.

Copa del Rey: Real Madrid’s participation in the Copa del Rey saw them reach the Round of 16. Unfortunately, an administrative error led to disqualification from the competition.

Despite not securing neither of trophies in the treble, Real Madrid’s 2014/15 season was marked by memorable victories, individual accomplishments, and the addition of two semi-prestigious trophies to the club’s cabinet.

Real Madrid CF: 2014/15 Season Player Statistics:

La Liga:

  • Top Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo secured the Pichichi Trophy as La Liga’s top scorer with an outstanding total of 48 goals in 35 appearances.
  • Most Matches Played: Iker Casillas, the legendary goalkeeper, featured in 34 La Liga matches during the season.
  • Disciplinary Record – Sergio Ramos: Sergio Ramos, the central defender, played a pivotal role in La Liga with two red cards and accumulated a total of 11 yellow cards during the season, showcasing both his passion and the challenges of maintaining discipline in intense football battles.
  • Individual Awards: Cristiano Ronaldo not only won the Pichichi Trophy but also claimed the prestigious Ballon d’Or for his exceptional performances.
  • Most Passes: Toni Kroos, the German midfielder, provided a remarkable 2,833 passes in La Liga, showcasing his playmaking abilities.

UEFA Champions League:

  • Top Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo led the Champions League goal-scoring charts with 10 goals.
  • Most Matches Played: Sergio Ramos, the central defender, played a crucial role in 12 Champions League matches.
  • Individual Awards: Cristiano Ronaldo’s exceptional performances earned him additional recognition, solidifying his status as a standout player in the tournament, receiving no formal prize though.
  • Most Passes: Luka Modrić, the Croatian midfielder, contributed significantly with 742 passes in the Champions League.

Copa del Rey:

  • Top Scorer: Cristiano Ronaldo made 4 goal as his contribution in the Copa del Rey, finishing as one of the top scorers.
  • Most Matches Played: Keylor Navas, the goalkeeper, played a pivotal role in 7 Copa del Rey matches.
  • Most Passes: Isco, the Spanish midfielder, showcased his passing prowess with 401 passes in Copa del Rey matches.

The 2014/15 season witnessed remarkable individual achievements, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s prolific goal-scoring, Iker Casillas’s consistency, Toni Kroos’s precise passing, and Sergio Ramos’s passionate contributions, even as he navigated the challenges of maintaining discipline.

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Real Madrid 14/15 Heimtrikot – Eine Ode an Eleganz und Individualität:

In der Welt des Fußballs, wo Tradition auf Innovation trifft, erstrahlt das weiße Real Madrid Heimtrikot der Saison 2014/15 als Kunstwerk. Der Original Flock JAMES 10 ist ein Bekenntnis zur Vergangenheit mit einem Hauch von Zukunft.

Adidas, der Architekt dieses Meisterwerks, webt die Fäden aus Climate Cool Polyester, das den Spielern ein kühles und trockenes Gefühl verleiht. Eine Hommage an die Erfolge: Das Goldabzeichen für den FIFA Club World Champion 2014 auf der Brust ist ein Zeichen wahrer Triumphe.

Das Rosa als Kontrast mag anfangs für Wirbel gesorgt haben, aber es wurde zu einem kühnen Statement der Individualität. Dieses Trikot bricht nicht nur Tabus, es formt sie neu. Eine Symphonie aus Farben, Zahlen und Buchstaben, getragen von Helden auf dem Rasen, die Geschichte schreiben haben.


레알 마드리드 14/15 홈 키트 – 우아함과 독창성의 오드:

축구 세계에서 전통이 혁신과 만나는 곳에서 2014/15 시즌의 흰색 레알 마드리드 홈 키트는 예술작품으로 빛납니다. 오리지널 플락 JAMES 10은 과거를 기리며 미래를 향한 한층 농축된 메시지를 전합니다.

이 작품의 건축가인 아디다스는 선수들에게 시원하고 건조한 느낌을 선사하는 Climate Cool 폴리에스터로 스레드를 짜냅니다. 성취에 대한 경의를 담아, 가슴에 달린 2014 FIFA 클럽 월드 챔피언배지는 참된 승리의 상징입니다.

처음에는 분주함을 일으켰던 분홍색은 이제 독창성의 대담한 진술로 자리 잡았습니다. 이 키트는 단순히 관습을 깨는 것뿐만이 아니라 새롭게 형성하는 것입니다. 영웅들이 입고 역사를 쓰는, 색채와 숫자, 문자의 심포니입니다.

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