The Answer Session to follow the Quiz Time 2013 contest

Let get straight to the answers:


1. What is the name of the World Cup 2014 match ball ?

a. Brazila

b. Carioca

c. Brazuca

d. Brazilia

e. Bazuca

The Answer is C: The name of the ball BRAZUCA


2. Brazilian star Neymar used to be number 11 for the national team and have his name spelled out Neymar. For the Confed Cup something changed but what ?

a. his number was no longer 11 but 10

b. rather than being neymar he was suddenly neymar jr. 

c. not only did he change the number but the jr. was also added

d. nothing at all. Neymar #11 was still the name and number kit.

e. neymar got the number of his idol Ronaldo : 9

The Answer is C:


3. The English Premier League introduced a new name and number kit but what is the name ?

a. Sencilla

b. PU

c. PS Pro

d. Premier League Pro

f. Polyflex

The Answer is C:


4. Which company produces the name and number kits for Napoli and Lazio ?

a. Sporting ID

b. Stilscreen

c. Sipesa

d. Monblason

e. Deko Graphics

The Answer is E:


5. Which company is running the online stores of the likes of Man Utd, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Marseille ?

a. subside sports

b. pro soccer direct

c. sports direct

d. kitbag

e. made in sport

The Answer is D:


6. where is adidas building the biggest adidas monobrand store in the world ?

a. next to the Bernabeu in Madrid.

b. next to San Siro in Milano.

c. next to Allianz Arena in Munich.

d. next to Stamford bridge in London.

e. on Time Square in NYC

The Answer is A:


7. Which material is the official Bundesliga sleeve badge made from ?

a. lextra

b. 3D lextra

c. sencilla

d. flock

e. plastic

The Answer is B:


8. The English Premier League is well-known for sporting a uniform name and number set. Which other league adheres to the same principle ?

a. the Bundesliga

b. the Ligue 1

c. La Primera Divicion

d. Serie A

e. The Danish Superliga

The Answer is B:


9. Umbro was spun of by Nike in 2013 and therefore Nike took over most Umbro teams. Which team did not follow from Umbro to Nike ?

a. Athletic Bilbao

b. England

c. Blackburn

d. Lille

e. Sevilla

The Answer is E:


10. How many jerseys would Danish side FC Copenhagen typically sell during one of the most recent seasons ?

a. 120000

b. 12000

c. 1200

d. 24000

e. 50000

The Answer is B:


11. Which company produces the name and number kit for AS Monaco ?

a. Metro Sport

b. Sporting ID

c. Monblason

d. Deko

e. Own production

The Answer is C:


12. Which company runs retail and licensing operations for FC Barcelona ?

a. Nike

b. the club itself

c. media pro

d. kitbag

e. el corte ingles

The Answer is A:


13. Arsenal is said to leave Nike to join which company for their new 14/15 & forwards kit deal ?

a. warrior

b. under armour

c. li ning

d. adidas

e. puma

The Answer is E:


14. The British Prime Minister as well as Prince William both support an English club, which one ?

a. Birmingham

b. Crystal Palace

c. West Ham

d. Aston Villa

e. Coventry

The Answer is D:


15. Nike will launch two WC 2014 home kits for the draw in December 2013. But which ?

a. Brazil and France

b. Brazil and Portugal

c. Brazil and Netherlands

d. France and England

e. Brazil and England

The Answer is A:


16. Mario Gomez used to wear Puma footwear and while with Puma his boots should always be in a specific color. Which one ?

a. white

b. black

c. blue

d. red

e. green

The Answer is A:


17. Which kit deal is the most expensive for Nike ?

a. France

b. Brazil

c. England

d. Holland

e. USA

The Answer is A:


18. AS Roma has been sponsored by Kappa for a number of years. In 2014 the club will switch to ?

a. Puma

b. Lotto

c. Diadora

e. Nike

d. adidas

The Answer is E:


19. With which club has adidas had the longest uninterrupted cooperation ?

a. Real Madrid

b. AC Milan

c. O. Marseille

d. Benfica

e. Ajax

The Answer is C:


20. Which company has most stores in Russia ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma

e. Li Ning

d. Lotto

The Answer is A:


21. FC Barcelona has usually used their away kit from the previous season as new third kit for the following season. This year is different. In September Barcelona will launch a brand new third kit. What will be the color ?

a. black

b. white

c. yellow

d. mint green

e. grey

The Answer is A:


22. The English Premier League uses a set scheme of name and numbers. But how many different colors are available ?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

e. 6

The Answer is D:


23. How many Nike clubs in Germany receive a custom designed kit ? while the rest will have to do with the team sport collection.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

The Answer is B:


24. Which line of Nike footwear sells the best ?

a. Mercurial

b. Tiempo

c. Control

d. T90

e. HyperVenom

The Answer is A:


25. which team is not or has never been sponsored by Italian Legea ?

a. Iran

b. North Korea

c. Iraq

d. Montenegro

e. Bosnia

The Answer is C:


Thank you for your participation – may the best win!

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