Ignacio Deus is an Argentinian based designer who has created 3 badges for the spring / summer 2014 collection.
Futbolista heroico
Leyenda heroico
In this brief interview he talks about process and inspiration.
-What kind of design have you been working on previously and can you point to any particular source which has inspired you ?
I was inspired by football itself, and its emotional roots in most Argentinians. Football is the sport that best shows the true Argentinian characteristics.
-With regard to this badge design job in particular. How did you approach the job ?
Regarding this badge I tried to find a parallel with the iconic Che photograph, as both are rebellious within the established system. Another non-conformist and innovative Argentinian who has reached international recognition is the architect Cesar Pelli. In this badge, the horizontal lines of the background recreate the frontal grid of Torres Petronas – one of Cesar Pelli´s most famous buildings.
-With regard to this badge design job in particular. How did you approach the job ?
Despite being one of the best football players in the world, Lionel Messi shows himself to be simple and modest, and I think this is a great attitude which makes him an even better player. I think this is the attitude that any high level football player should have. In the badge I wanted to express the contrast of the glory achieved and this simplicity. The four balls of gold and his serene look in the photograph show this contrast. The choices of black and gold were important in illustrating his modesty and simplicity.
-With regard to this badge design job in particular. How did you approach the job ?
The achievement of winning two World Cup tournaments put us in an important place in the World Cup history. That´s why in this badge the image of the trophies are key as a symbol of those achievements and the prestige they represent. The colour choice goes between black and golden with a touch of albiceleste.
-We are now close to the kick-off at this year’s World Cup in football. Looking at the jerseys from different countries – anyone of them which you find of interest from a design standpoint ?
I personally think that Brazil’s and Argentina´s t-shirts are very well designed. From my point of view, Adidas and Nike were on the level of the challenge of this World Cup.
I really like Portugal´s T-shirt by Nike. But I always give special attention to away shirts, which I find always very creative and original. Brazil and Australia´s away shirts are my favourites. The quality of its designs, shapes and fabric reach an undeniably high level in the production of Nike sports clothing.
Ignacio Deus
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