Maybe the most famous portrait photo of the 20th century.
Guerrillero Heroico by Alberto Korda of Che Guevara.
From Wikipedia we bring this short analysis:
Korda has said that at the moment he shot the picture, he was drawn to Guevara’s facial expression, which showed “absolute implacability” as well as anger and pain. Years later, Korda would say that the photo showed Che’s firm and stoic character. Guevara was 31 years old at the time the photo was taken
Che Guevara portrait photo
and one of the greatest portraits of all times.
Las Meninas
and while we are at it.
not to forget another of the great masters Rembrandt.
Rembrandt portrait masters
and another portrait photo with wide distribution over the latter years.
Steve Jobs portrait photo
and yet another classics from the Renaiscance.
Raphael classical portrait

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