Should content providers be paid or should they work for free ?

A number of platform owners like google, booking, tripadvisor etc. depend upon freely provided user content for their business model. That is very profitable and makes the companies million of dollars.

The discussion often goes towards the free media content consumed by millions online. Whether the media companies should get paid for their content or at least how they can monetize it.

But there is also the other side of the coin which are the many platform or aggregator websites which depend entirely on freely provided user content and whether such content. A for profit organization makes money out of your content which has been provided at a cost. Is that fair ? Is it even legal as some settlements between google and publishers as well as with Huffington Post suggest it may not be.

Click here to read an article in the NY Times called fixing the digital economy!

A quote from the article:

There are always real people behind the curtain. The rise of inequality isn’t because of people not being needed — more precisely, it’s because of an illusion that they aren’t even there.



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