Review: Man Utd womens away jersey 11-12

By womens range ambassador Katie Scharra


 ”The Manchester United 2011- 2012 Away Women’s Jersey was my initial top pick of this year’s jerseys as far as design.  Although an avid Manchester United fan to start, as a woman I found the royal blue and black stripes to be very attractive and quite different then most jerseys. 


Manchester United away jersey 11-12 womens



This top is very well tailored to fit the female figure, and is of a very visible high quality. The classic Nike Dri- Fit is always an excellent plus of any sports jersey, although not as flexible.  The Jersey being Nike ran a bit smaller then the other this year, specifically in the shoulder region (an issue for both the male and female jersey fits) due to the design of the top.  Tightness in the arms aside, the jersey is a very nice length and fit.  For women this means it can be paired with legging or jeans and worn for supporting the team at the local pub or wearing it on your day off.  Due to the odd fit the jersey is defiantly a fashion only type wardrobe piece, and if your planning to wear it on the pitch for a kick about it is worth considering ordering a size larger as it will restrict your movement.  All in all, I found the 2011- 2012 Manchester United Away Jersey to be one of my favorite jersey designs of all time.  The fit is attractive and the style is exciting.  The neckline is a classic and was one of the features pointed out to me immediately.  The wide stripes as well are broken up with solid royal blue side panels making for a very slimming look.  Wear it to your favorite bar for the big game or sport it on the weekend for a sporty look, this jersey is stylish and slimming and sure to be one of this year top sellers!”

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