Q & A with the Liverpool reviewer in the mixed zone

Conversation with P. Locascio regarding soccer jerseys in general and football club Barcelona.


Q: Which was your first jersey and whom gave it to you ? 

A: My first jersey was probably a holland jersey purch around the time of that great 1998 world cup team (Brothers DeBoer, Overmars, Davids, Bergkamp). Internet commerce was in its infancy and soccer in USA had a very low profile so jersey retail  availability was limited. Nonetheless, did find and purchase the shirt. Player customization was virtually unavailable.


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the clothing manufacturer what would that be ?

A: Advice to clothing manufacturers….hummm. I don’t know, be bold, interesting and/or sophisticated (think 2012-13 Dortmund or Roma, not 2012-13 Barca) and please don’t use a plain crew collar like a tee shirt – I can get that from Fruit of the Loom.


Q: If you were to give a piece of advise to the name and number kit manufacturer what would that be ?

A: I really love the great variation of name/number kits in La Liga, Bundesliga, etc.. The EPL is the great exception. The exact same style in a very limited color variety makes for unfortunate jersey color combinations, is boring and, worst of all, corporate. It’s kind of the number kit equivalent of the “Being:Liverpool” TV show: Soulless and buttoned up. (I can excuse US MLS for the uniformity of name/number kits as they feel like an “efficient” vehicle for a youngish league striving for broader appeal).


Q: What is the greatest challenge for your favorite team right now ?

A: Barcelona: Challenge is keeping key players healthy and getting the kids experience and preparing them to continue assuming a greater role in the team. Oh, and getting someone to fill Puyol’s shoes when he retires – big shoes, though, both on and off the field.


Q: When evaluating the club at the current moment what is more important: the legacy or the players in the current squad ? club or athletes ?

A: The two are kind of related. Quality and consistent player performance this season (as in other recent seasons) may lead to a La Liga and/or Champions League (and/or Copa) win…which fuels the club legacy.



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