The Joker Ambassador speaks out

 Q&A with Aaron H. the MM Sports’ joker / Man Utd ambassador


Why do you support your current favorite club ?

My team is Manchester United. Being American, I didn’t always follow English football. I followed MLS since its inception and support Los Angeles Galaxy here. I also follow other LA teams who loose often. I looked into the history of the English clubs and liked United. Then I saw Eurotrip and Vinnie Jones played a Manc hooligan and said if you aren’t a Manc, you’re a wank. I didn’t want to be a Wank so I have stuck with United since and now the red flag is flying high with me and my family.


-Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

Sell to a different owner who isn’t going to take money out of the club. Then buy an offensive central midfielder. And ask Roy Keene out of retirement.


-What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

Losing the second champions league final to Barca. That hurt. I was at the pub with my other Manc friend and a bunch of drunk Barca fans started trouble after the game. I am proud of my team and there is no dishonor in losing to a club that awesome but it still hurt. And I still believe we would have won the first final if Darren Fletcher wouldn’t have been excluded because of cards.


-What is the high point ?

The 2008 Champions League final when John Terry slipped and we came up with the win. That game was incredible.


-Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

The sharp jerseys from the 90s with the collar. Makes you want to flip it up and walk around and pretend to be Eric Cantona.


-When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

Cobi Jones. Next to Landon Donovan, probably the greatest American player ever


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