The official Inter Milano home printing for the season 2015/16.
The Inter printing 2015/16 is from Stilscreen. White for the home jersey and blue for the away jersey. Stilscreen has been producing the Inter prints for a number of years by now. It changes practically every season. But it is only on the very rare occasion that the color is not white.
Inter home printing 15/16
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The Inter printing for the season 2015/16 is a new style. For the season 14/15 the printing was light blue. This time around it is plain white with a blue outline. Looks good on the black/blue jersey. Club logo as always at the bottom of the number.
More detailed photos to follow with regard to how the printing looks like fresh out of the packaging from the producer.
Inter home printing 15/16and from the backside:
Inter printing 15/16 color block
A solid and well-crafted product. Complete color block to prevent the color from the jersey to shine through the fragile white surface.
Learn more about the process and material in use by clicking this link to the Stilscreen website!

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